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Everybody likes the occasional vacation and what better way to use your vacation funds than to invest in a timeshare as a beautiful vacation home. You can get one through a timeshare, but before you decide to invest your money in a timeshare contract, you must know everything you can about timeshares.

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What Is a Timeshare Contract?


A timeshare is a contract of real estate for a residential property usually at a vacation destination or a resort that is “shared” between multiple people. This means that multiple share the cost of the property in exchange for the right to use that said property for a week or less, every year. Each one of the owners has a right to use the property and stay in it for their assigned period.


The standard rule for every company is to let their timeshare clients use the property for a week at most every year. For instance, you can buy 1/52nd share of a room, suite, condo, etc. which will let you stay there for a week every year. A few resorts let their clients change their contracts for smaller or larger time frames. 

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How Does a Timeshare Work?


Timeshare sounds like an exciting concept until you get stuck with its technicalities. There are generally two forms of a timeshare contract, known as Deeded and Non-Deeded.


Deeded contracts are similar to those you sign when you purchase a house. You pay for your share of the ownership and can resell, transfer or rent your timeshare to anyone you choose. More than 90% of timeshare contracts are deeded or “fee-simple”.


The other type of timeshare contract is a Non-Deeded or Right-To-Use contract. These contracts are the same as signing a lease for a house. You can buy the rights to use the property for a couple of years but at the end of the agreement, you don’t own the share, and the ownership reverts to the original owner of the share.


The initial amount of the timeshare can depend on factors like the location of the resort, the size of the unit, the property’s condition, and the duration of your stay. However, there are two permanent costs, the upfront fee of the share and the maintenance fee you have to pay yearly. 

Timeshare Claims


When an owner of a timeshare feels like he has been wrongfully sold a timeshare contract, they can try to claim against the company and get their money back. There have been a lot of successful cases where people have won legal cases against companies which inspired more people to put forward their claims. But there have to be certain criteria that you must fulfil before you can put forward your timeshare claim. Without these, chances are that you will spend a large sum of money, chasing a case that you cannot win due to the elements required to succeed.


See How Much Compensation You Could Be Entitled To


Many people have come forward with their claims of timeshares yet they have been denied their right to claim either due to the timeshare companies being completely secure or due to the lack of proper lawyers handling the compensation claims. If you think you have been defrauded by your timeshare company, contact Right to Claim to get back your timeshare money. With a strong legal team behind you and the right guidance given to you at every step, you can be confident of gaining your compensation.


At Right to Claim, we figure out how much your compensation will be based on your timeshare contract. We have a timeshare compensation calculator to provide an idea of what you are owed and the amount that you can claim for.


Could You Be Entitled to Timeshare Compensation?


If you believe you were unlawfully sold your timeshare or are unhappy with it, then it might be worth seeking legal advice to claim your timeshare compensation. But the important thing to remember is that these timeshare companies usually hold a strong legal ground and it can be a hard fight to get all your money back. You must go through thorough research before you file a timeshare compensation claim against these companies to give you a better chance of winning against them. 

Your First Step to Getting the Compensation You Deserve

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Timeshare companies are smart about their contracts, which makes it difficult for people to evade it or claim their money back. Here are a few facts about timeshare claims that will help you win after filing a compensation claim:

  • The first step to getting the compensation you deserve is to go through your timeshare contract thoroughly. You can find key sections under the Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale, and Exchange Contracts Regulations.
  • Another important thing for you to do is to use the timeshare compensation calculator provided by Right to Claim to know the amount you are entitled to receive if you win the claim. This is a very important step because it is hard to calculate all the money you invested in the timeshare over the years.
  • Timeshare contracts are made by companies to trick timeshare customers. Often people signing the timeshare contracts are not aware that they are signing in perpetuity. This means that the term of the timeshare contract exceeds fifty years, which is the legal limit. In such cases, the timeshare companies leech money from their customers when they are old and cannot use their properties, or from their family members after the death of the legal owner. If you feel like you have such a case, you can claim your timeshare compensation and win the case against the perpetrators.
  • Fancy presentations and free lunches by the timeshare companies swayed likely convinced you to sign a timeshare contract. An illegally sold contract where certain details of your contract were conveniently left out can be claimed. If you can prove this through evidence, your timeshare contract will be nullified and you will be compensated.
  • Another way for you to have been defrauded by your timeshare contract is if you were denied your recession period. The recession period allows you two weeks, after signing the contract, to go back on your decision. If you were denied that, you have a claim against the timeshare companies and can get compensated for your money.

Timeshare Compensation Calculator


Your timeshare contracts can cost you a lot of money over the years especially when the contracts exceed forty years. There are two types of fixed payments that you do in timeshares which are the upfront fee of the unit of rooms, room, suite, or condo that you’re buying and the annual maintenance fee.


If you are unhappy with your timeshare contract, as often people are, you can put forward a claim to get compensated for your money over the years. But if you are someone who hasn’t kept a tab of all the money the timeshare companies have leeched off you, you do not have a good chance of getting it back.


No need to worry because Right to Claim has got you covered with our timeshare compensation calculator.


A timeshare compensation calculator is an online form that you can find at our website It can help you generate the amount you have lost in a timeshare contract so you can have a rough idea of how much you need to claim back.


It requires important information like the name of the resort you invested in, the amount you deposited in the first three months, the year of your timeshare purchase, and the country. Other than that, a few other questions like the amount you pay each year in Timeshare Maintenance fee in Pounds, the purchase price of your timeshare, and the number of years your timeshare contract runs are also required before you can calculate your timeshare compensation numbers.


This calculator is precise and all of the information is confidential. Timeshare Compensation Calculator by Right to Claim is the leading force behind your claims to your timeshare contract. If you still have any questions or need legal consultations, feel free to contact Right to Claim at 0800-133-7814 or leave us a message at our website

People Also Ask

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How Are Compensation Claims Calculated?


The most trusted method to calculate timeshare compensation claims is the timeshare compensation calculator provided by Right to Claim. You only need to feed information regarding the resort, the initial payments that you have submitted, the maintenance fee, and your personal information into the calculator to calculate the compensation claims.


Visit our website for more information about compensation claims and how they are calculated.

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What Is a Compensation Calculator?


A compensation calculator is a tried and tested method for you to calculate your timeshare compensation before you can claim it. It provides a way for you to gather all the unnecessary amounts you have wasted to timeshare over the years so that you are prepared to stake a claim. It is the first step towards filing for a timeshare compensation claim against a timeshare company/resort.